Feb 14 2020

Ceiling design ideas – ceiling photo gallery, interior design for shops.

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Ceiling Design Ideas from K-EXTREME – 3D Projects – Drywall ceilings ideas. Gypsum board ceiling design. Interior Walls and Ceilings. Plasterboard ceilings and stretch ceilings designs – Worldwide.

3D projects – ceiling designs pictures.

Three-dimensional design of suspended ceilings, stretch ceilings, stretch walls, gypsum board ceilings ideas, ART printed stretch ceiling ideas, drywall and complete interior designs.

Create three-dimensional interior design projects involving suspended and gypsum board ceilings,

stretch ceilings, combinations of stretch ceilings

with suspended plasterboard ceilings, walls, shelving, trim, drywall, decorations according to the tastes and requirements of our customers.

Ideas are our specialists developed in tandem engineer and interior designer some of which you can see in this album.

Previews projects of ceilings:

3D Projects includes 3D visualization,

2D drawings and positioning of lighting fixtures,

and may be implemented by each company which

makes installation of drywall – plasterboard, suspended ceilings, gypsum board ceilings,

Project may be only the ceiling may cover and

interior walls with applications, or full – ceiling,

walls, moldings, trims, decorations, furniture,

interior plasters and colors.

The projects listed here are either dropped in

the design process, or published with the express

permission of the customer .

The uniqueness of the project is our priority and

what you see here is a small part not afraid

We can make 3D projects ceilings of gypsum

board in combination with a stretch ceilings

anywhere – worldwide, just send 2D scheme

and a few pictures of the room . or contact us.

You can view and animated three-dimensional

visualization of interior designs that gives

a complete picture of the ideas in the draft –

In this album of photos of ideas and projects

we put ceilings and performances of some of

the interesting projects ceilings K-Extreme –

you can see how it looks and

how the project implementation .

If you want to see more – contact us:

tel: +359 886 971 386 – English

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