Mar 17 2020

Interior Design Education – Inspirational Ideas, interior design ideas for living rooms.

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Interior Design, Free Online Education and Interior Inspiration

Whether its home interior design or looking for professional or commercial design and planning,, the network of design websites and sister site have all the information that is required for the interior decorating novice, junkie or design professional. has been built and written by qualified designers, decorators and architectural designers all bringing a wealth of information and experience to you for free. They practice the design profession for a living so are in touch with what you need help with. Learning about the basics of design and decoration is easy. Information is provided to you to educate and promote the interiors profession.

Free Online Interior Decorating Education, Color and Curtain Design eCourse

If you need to brush up on your decorating skills, or if you are starting from scratch then don t forget to sign on for our free ecourse in interior decorating.

The interior design industry revolves around creativity and the use of multiple ideas and concepts. Through the network of websites you will find useful information and professional tips that will inspire you to generate your own interior design and decoration ideas.

To get the most out of this site, you need to simply browse though the site or use the search tool for specific information. If you can t find what you want, write us an email and we will see what we can do for you. Please note that legally we can t provide specific design advice per project but if there is general information you require about a particular subject then ask away. The network of websites on interior design are updated regularly so there is always something new to read and inspire you.

Try your hand at the ecourses now or simply browse through the website and get ideas for your home renovation or remodel project.

Interior Design Topics

Interior design ideas for living roomsLiving room design, living room decoration and planning, soft furnishings for the interior designer and decorator and of course curtains and drapery. There are examples of contemporary interior design through to traditional interior design and how to plan a room which is often the most fundamental question we are asked.

Bathroom design allows you to determine the correct finishes for the floor and walls and being able to use different design and decoration materials rather than just tiles and vinyl. There are examples of design planning, interior fittings and fixtures and the way to decorate bathrooms with flare and panache. Bathrooms are notoriously wet or full of moisture from steam. While we show how to decorate the room and the types and finishes and fittings available, an understanding of water and moisture management is also demonstrated.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

Kitchen interiors, includes kitchen design and decoration so that you are able to plan a kitchen with confidence learning about ergonomics and anthropometrics of joinery and furniture design. The correct layout makes your kitchen a safe environment and an efficient one. It is where most of the work is done in the home so it needs to be easy to use. Faucets, appliances and even the kitchen sink is included with kitchen ideas. Window treatment ideas to make or break the kitchen style, and hundreds of ideas and decorating tips throughout the site providing great inspiration to tackle the complex space of kitchen design.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

Curtains is the website that is specific to window treatments. Curtains and drapery are a large subject, we have an entire website dedicated to this topic.

We have had so much positive feedback of inspired creativity and upgrading in skill level that you would be crazy to miss out on such an opportunity for moving yourself forward in the industry for free.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

Bedrooms are where we spend a great deal of our lives and they need particular attention to make them comfortable and so that the occupant is able to sleep without interruption. Bedroom design looks closely at color selection, lighting and planning the room so there is plenty of storage. Bedrooms often incorporate sitting areas and additional furniture. This is addressed and how to set a mood in a bedroom.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

Home Office Design and decoration are all covered at This part of the website shows basic planning skills and the options available for the home office.

Find out how to create the best colors schemes possible. Use color with ease.

Makeovers are the fun part of decorating, they often only require simple changes to make big differences to the appearance of interiors.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

Children’s bedroom decoration and design is a vast subject and the options available to furnish and decorate the rooms are immense. Storage in a children’s room has to be taken into account as they have the added needs for toys, study, as well as a quiet respite area away from the rest of the home.

You can source a number of educational articles that will help you decorate your home like a professional.Enjoy your visit to, a website dedicated to interior design and decorating education. Get some inspiration from our ideas and examples and well as professional advice from the tips, articles and free ecourses.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

For those interested in the history there are two websites, styles and periods of architecture and interiors and modern furniture designers that include the great furniture design from Eames, Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Macintosh, Stark, Mies van der Rohe and many more.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

Lighting visit and get useful information on lighting design, including a great article on Green or Eco Friendly Lighting. There is information on lighting calculation, light fittings, aesthetics and the types of lighting used for effect.

Free Tips Get free decorating tips to your desk via email. Register here, keep learning about interiors with Sign up for free design tips, learning couldn t be easier.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

At you will find information on the business systems that everyone needs in the interior design industry. The website helps grow business and professionalism with subjects including marketing, budgeting, human resources, construction, project management and basic drawing and drafting information. It also covers specific design subjects including hospitality, commercial office design with a great deal more to come. Visit and start adding value to your design business.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

This web site is dedicated to educating designers. Interior finishes explores everything from paint to carpet, including metals, timber flooring and types of wood. Interior fittings and fixtures provides basic knowledge on electrical systems, fittings, fixings, plumbing and tap ware, locks and bathroom accessories. Soft furnishings provide a solid understanding into the world of fabric and fibers, as well as curtains, blinds and accessories. If there is something you can t find information on then please let us know.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to, a website dedicated to interior design and decorating education. Get some inspiration from our ideas and examples and well as professional advice from the tips, articles and free ecourses. Have fun learning interior design at your own pace. Don t leave without taking advantage of one of our free ecourses.

Interior design ideas for living rooms

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